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what you owe them that’s illegal that’s devastation you do your best to give them as little as possible perfectly legal that’s called tax avoidance these days tax avoiding wheezes are often hidden deep in company accounts but are Paul Stephens are everywhere to be seen this building in Westminster was built just a few years after the imposition updated windows tax in the early s the idea of taxing.

Our incomes was unthinkable the way it worked was simply be at a building it had windows you add the government two shillings a year to have more than when does it was four shillings more than eight shillings which is why buildings what offered built with the windows bricked up the only way to avoid we call these days daylight robbery down coronation Street’s avoiding taxes what you do when you pay the plumber washbasin the program vividly shows how politicians them selves to make avoidance easier by making.

The tax system too complex I a classic example is the mass the Gordon Brown got into when he was chance for a few years ago when he introduced a very well-meaning you tax relief designed to encourage filmmakers to come to the United Kingdom and make a left films over here and we certainly had allegedly Coronation Street and also some comedy programs made by independent produces been classified as films and enjoying the value of this tax relief its I so please tell me what the hell’s going up and by the time.

The property valuation advisor at figured out what was going on a tax relief that was supposed to be costing the Exchequer twenty or thirty billion pounds a year was beginning its cost million pounds a massive massive loss to the taxpayer to tax avoidance created by well-meaning Chancellor this was tax avoidance on an industrial scale created precisely by the government not thinking through the consequences of the nation’s it was taking are not putting in place the protectiveness make sure this tax allowance didn’t grow out of control both businesses and individuals exploit the complexity of our tax system billionaire.

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I want you to focus one plan that works that you can implement and you can put to work and you can create a business that will get you everything you need so what do you need to be I success for wholesaler what are the things that you need while he did a phone and a computer with an Internet connection he just need a few hours a week so it’s it’s a great program.

If you have a full-time job you need to be able to know what to do step by importance of business valuation and I’m gonna show you exactly what how I can help you with that and you just need to have the desire and the persistence to make this business works what you don’t need is you don’t need to have cash in the bank or to have good credit you don’t need to have years of experience as a real estate investor you don’t need to spend time learning a bunch of complicated strategies so what would your day be like as a virtual call center.

You’d be willing in dealing at your desk because you can work from home you can work from anywhere really so you could actually be doing deals vacationist could be made me and have Starbucks be your office you can provide for your family you could buy the nice things that you’ve always wanted the home you’ve always wanted the car you’ve always wanted you can take those vacations that you’ve always wanted to take with you and your loved ones and bottom line is that you can enjoy life you can actually just be happy.

Be able to find me have that financial independence that you’ve always dreamed about so if you have that computer and a and a phone and an internet connection so you can work from any where and you had the desire to make an extra part timing cover full time income or even replace your current income and you desire to have to be able to provide.

Business Valuations

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Now how to do this number that matters just look at the West and what you get the listing you the law process is gonna teach you how to sell ballistic or find some be in your office they can help yourself a list okay so let’s talk about going to get that first to review that were seen.

We’ll start with offline strategy you know I get to the the question all the time you know what do I do with my blog or or worse ways online that we can that we can go after source but I think that in business valuation estimate may be echoed this a lot of the success wages that are though the in even when I have followed you guy sup on the call today where did you last listing come from very few of those answers were online so let’s first start with summer the offline strategies and men suffer the most successful agents in a couple you guys mention.

This Bob are are doing cold calling in their calling says both expired so Jeremiah is your team doing says both expired an in call colonies votes yeah i i just want to say something about has expired I think that this like sisters a four-letter word in our world agents are like oh my gosh by colleges but they’re gonna come hunt me down eat me in my sleep he it’s just not the truth here here’s the truth the truth is that East probably ninety percent of Internet leaves are more standoffish then you nieces are expired you can explain.

Why yes okay so when you go to an Internet website you are looking for let’s say the value of your house what you’re looking for information on a short sale nine times out of P sites are not there they’re not requesting contact if people want information so what you’re doing is you’re cold calling somebody that ash for information and trying to give them exactly what they didn’t want.